Our Services are as diverse as our clients, and can be customized to suit any need and budget. To help guide new clients, we present two categories; general common service engagements (listed directly below) and our core service offerings (listed further below).

As with business, there is no limit to what can be done. Subscribing to this belief we too do not limit our service offerings to just what is listed herein. Our objective is to ensure that whatever it is that your organization needs, we will deliver the exacting solutions needed to help drive your business success.

Get the meetings you need with the key decision makers at the accounts you’ve been unable to reach or focus on. From navigating complex organizations, bypassing gatekeepers and identifying those in authority to make decisions on the offerings you’re looking to present to directly introducing your offering with passion and from the prospects’ perspective to recognize your true unique value proposition, including tapping our own expansive network of C and V-Suite executives across the spectrum of industries – we can get you to the table with those you want and need to meet to make it happen.

This critical area of every business has grown exponentially over the past decade. From writing code, competing for eCommerce and the necessity and availability of real time data defined decision making to protecting from the multitude of cyberthreats, determining best remote platforms of management and operation, and mixed reality enhancements, we offer expert guidance on how best to approach, determine which and implement the software and technology solutions that will yield the greatest productivity and ROI at the least expense for your business needs.

Most common, as a starting point for larger project scoping consideration, clients request an Operational Efficiency Performance Analysis (OEPA) of specific departments and/or operations.
Whether your business is enjoying a growth stage or is not performing to target expectations, a fresh outside-in OEPA will reveal inefficiencies impeding performance and/or losses in areas overshadowed by gains.
We refer to it as “Tunnel Vision” when you and your team does what you do best every day, it becomes challenging to see how micro-shifts over time along with changing how business gets done have increased various issues. 
The result is that with this tunnel vision focus on keeping the business moving, the ever increasing issues that impede full potential growth – become virtually invisible internally.
Fresh eyes backed by vast experience in reviewing processes, branding, facilities and more both from an outside-in and internal review can:
  • Clearly identify issues otherwise unseen to the business.
  • Produce detailed means of improving these to increase performance, efficacy and efficiency.
  • Conduct such important and beneficial work in parallel to your daily business with minimal or no disruption.

An OEPA Report offers custom tailored solutions to streamline processes for optimization, can improve your business’ position with clients, vendors, prospects and even your own employees, and may uncover new opportunities be they internal or external.

The most disrupted and transformed aspect of any business today, apart from the advent of eCommerce [sales], is the means in which your offerings and ethos are presented and appraised by prospective and existing customers.

From brand perspective assessments, marketing collateral uniformity reviews and marketing strategy development, and content creation (Social Media, copywriting, messaging), display design and innovative digital transformation, to well beyond – the collective and individual elements comprise the strategic presentation of your business, what it represents, and the emotional responses that they evoke. We we have the proven experience to guide your marketing vision, intent and execution to gain visibility, increase following, and amass customer conversion, repeat purchase and upsell opportunities.


  1. the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.

When your daily involvement in the details of managing your business, clients, personnel, processes, vendors, accounting, systems, competition and more becomes limited by the ever constricting band with, ‘foresight’ becomes increasingly nearsighted.

We offer the clear advantage of seeing your business and the landscape over the daily grind horizon, including industry, cultural and technical trends and provide the guidance of how best to navigate to ensure a more successful future ahead.

Unlike traditional consulting firms who view your business from the inside out, we take a far more holistic approach by analyzing perspectives through the inside out and outside in. This unique difference reveals the greater understanding of your challenges and opportunities.

Working in partnership with the executive management team, our fresh view deep dive review of the granular detailed actions that formulate processes, systems, and actions uncover areas and means of improvement and gains in efficiency, effectiveness, and savings to your operations without disruption.

Further, our outside in clear viewpoint easily identifies discrepancies and opportunities, while identifying key aspects in the “what” that’s needed for improvement.

Collectively we devise the “how” that best aligns with your business’ “what” to guide towards a more predictable and prepared future.


  1. time that is to be or come hereafter.
  2. something that will exist or happen in time to come.

The 5-Year Plan, while still important to provide a guideline for long term direction and objectives, has long been layered with the need for far shorter term vision and maneuverability based mainly on the technical variables progressing today.

For this reason ‘Strategy’ is no longer constrained to long term vision alone, but rather expanded upon to included shorter incremental periods of goals and time periods. In the near and into the greater future, we look forward to helping your business identifying what’s ahead and how best to plan for it by detailing the overview of what’s needed internally and externally.

A Distinct POV Discovery will unveil opportunities for implementing qualitative and quantifiable sales growth.
For example:
How is your sales process flow structured internally and all the way through to market and back in with follow up protocols? 
What are your KPI and daily reporting methods and how/when are they reviewed? 
Have all parties in the flow process from inside out ‘bought in’ to what and how your business sells its offerings? 
What are the pain points in the process; both internally and externally with prospects and existing/upsell client opportunities? 

Whether your business sells B2B and/or B2C and whether it is sold via full/part time salaried, commission incentivized or
third party hires and the structure of those programs and hierarchies may be influencing the sales motivations positively or negatively.
All too often a ‘management knows best’ dictating culture creates resentment rather than a supportive and collaborative one. Particularly when the view from the [battle]field is quite different than that of upper management. While it’s never expected that the tail wags the dog, all components must be in harmony to ensure the best hunt. 
A full understanding of these and investigation of data supported by personnel interviews and review of sales processes in action further backed by competitive intelligence will determine where the underlying issues are and how best to augment programs or processes to further motivate sales personnel for increased productivity.
From independent businesses with small teams of up to 10 sales and sales support personnel to national sales divisions of
up to 100 or more, our keen understanding of sales structures coupled with expansive experience in sales incentives and
programs across numerous industries collectively offer effective consultative guidance to help maximize performance yield.

From Value Added Resellers and new product/service offerings to new strategic partners and identifying new channels or businesses to acquire, the opportunities are only limited by the tunnel vision of repeatedly seeing the business from within. We offer you an experienced outside-in, fresh eyes perspective coupled with a touch of creativity to broaden your customer base and generate new revenue streams. 

Scheduling fees vary from hourly to hourly plus commission for new customer acquisition and/or flat-fee for prospective customer decision maker introductions.

Be it the establishment of Learning and Development processes, the measurement and maintenance of employee satisfaction, or guidance on conflict resolution techniques, our human resource expertise can provide your business with the tools it needs to maintain productivity, compliance and help avoid legal repercussions. resources.

Our human capital service offerings, further include:

  • Healthcare Management
  • Compensation
  • Recruitment

With work from home and the constant requirements of business beckoning for response at all hours and days of the week, health of a business necessitates the wellness of its workforce. Balance through mindfulness, self-care and fitness of varying types help ensure employee satisfaction that translate both to happier customers and increased productivity as well as improved productivity.

Allow us to help with the health of your business through its most important asset – its people.

The ‘bottom line’ starts at the top. There is a reason that every top level professional relies on the experience and support of advisors, mentors and coaches. Gain the advantage of clarity, perspective and focus that can only be achieved through the guidance and drive of a business coach.

Our Core Services


Your competition is working tirelessly to take your customers while your management team is operating at maximum bandwidth to manage the business day to day. Receive a focused perspective on how to navigate challenges effectively and efficiently to drive greater performance and revenues.


The ‘bottom line’ starts at the top. There is a reason that every top level professional relies on the experience and support of advisors, mentors and coaches. Gain the advantage of clarity, perspective and guidance.

Sales Representation

Dedicated focus on specified accounts, territories, channels, VARs and more to generate revenue for new and existing offerings from a 1099 independent sales representative standing.

Fractional Management

There are typically four Manager types: (1) Costly and hard to retain experienced manager. (2) Employee/Manager performing both functions, but lacks management experience. (3) Business owner overseeing departments/employees, restricting potential. (4) Unaffordable or impossible to attract exceptional talent. We offer you a highly capable, effective and affordable alternative.