Service Fee Schedule


Remote (Phone | Video)

Initial 15 Minutes: FREE

30 Minutes: $75*

1 Hour: $95*


1 Hour: $149*


Companies who have signed a Project Engagement Agreement (PEA) with Erlich Enterprises will receive the following discounted rates for that project based on the PEA’s minimum number of project hours.

Remote (Phone | Video)

30 Minutes: $49*

1 Hour: $75*


1 Hour: $125**

Reduced Rates

The following reduced rates are typically, but not exclusively, reserved for start-up / seed stage companies where Erlich Enterprises or an agent thereof serves in a Board Advisory role and a minimum of 2.5% equity stake is allocated to the practice.

Remote (Phone | Video)

30 Minutes: $25*

1 Hour: $49*


1 Hour: $95**

*Phone or Video consultations that exceed any 30 minute period but conclude within an hour block will be billed at the lesser rate of 1 hour.

Ex. 1.  Consultation concludes at 42 min is billed at 1 hour rate.

Ex. 2. Consultation concludes at 1:23 is billed at 1 hour rate + 30 minute rate.

Ex. 3. Consultation concludes at 1:42 is billed at 1 hour rate X 2.

**Billed at a minimum of 4 hours on-site. Additional time on-site exceeding the 4 hour minimum is billed in increments of 1 hour at the on-site rate. All travel time associated with each service will be billed in increments of one hour at the rate of $50 per hour per travel direction (ex. Travel time to and from site is 47 minutes each direction, will be billed as two hours at $50 each | $100 Travel Time + Tolls and/or Parking if required for travel).

Ex. 1. On-site visit consultation of 3:23 is billed at 4 hours.

Ex. 2. On-site visit consultation of 4:38 is billed at 5 hours at on-site rate.