Management Consulting

Your competition is working tirelessly to take your customers while your management team is operating at maximum bandwidth to manage the business day to day. Receive a focused perspective on how to navigate challenges effectively and efficiently to drive greater performance and revenues.

Operational Transformation

Whether it be change management of critical processes, a launch and merger of new technologies or a complete restructure of departments, it is essential to have the foresight of experience guiding your business during such critical transformations.

Operational Transformation
  1. How has your business advanced to meet the needs of new and existing customers in the past 18 months?
  2. Is it meeting and exceeding customer expectations, just as you demand of your employees?
  3. Is competition encroaching on your long and hard earned customers?
  4. Are you operating with deficiencies that are losing business gains and empowering competition on paths that you’ve paved?
  5. How nimble are your operations? Can they maneuver organically and independently to correct trajectories according to timely performance indications, stay ahead of competition and maintain lead position in an era of ‘now’?
  6. How is your organization’s leadership embodying the transformation? How are the change communications cascaded to all employees, vendors and customers?
Partners in Pursuit

The above questions, and many more, are the type of intimate inquiry we bring as partners in pursuit of your success. As trusted partners, we work in tandem with you and your teams to deliver full disclosure of the scope of challenges that will be faced and introduce intelligent agile solutions.

Go With the Flow

Charting current processes, engaging with employees and interviewing clients and beyond are some of the investigative work we conduct in our detail mapping for your business activities as part of our Flow Analysis.


We call the collaboration of our firsthand experience across the spectrum of numerous industries and access to a full suite of additional resources coupled with your industry and business knowledge ‘Four-Sight’.

This play on words is all business when it comes to ensuring a thorough vetting of potential operational revisions to determine the best courses of action for your business

Expert Advice

There is a reason we are called in to review and help determine the best cause of action for future growth and in many cases – survival.

The unfortunate reality is that while our expert advice is respected, it is not always applied.

In several such cases, clients who did not follow our suggested charted courses have been liquidated or are near permanently docked.

The changes needed that we are hired to define are those that offer your business the opportunities to thrive.


There is perhaps no greater causality to a business’ future than its strategic plan. While “plan” is a four letter word typically prepared annually, for three years and five, today’s ‘now’ culture with ‘real time data impacts’ necessitates a more nimble approach to planning.

This is not to say that long term planning isn’t important, but rather to highlight the importance of evaluating KPIs, tracking OKRs and analyzing input/feedback on a far more frequent basis; monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, and when warranted – daily.

Navigating the Who, What, Where, When Why and How

The calculated plans of how, what and when tactical executions will be launched are the primary components of strategy.

However, the essence of strategy is where it will be deployed, by whom and for what specific purposes. We can create the navigational charts for multiple areas of your business. An example of some are;

  • Product Launches
  • New Market Entries
  • Competitive Challenges
  • Product Portfolio/Pricing Mix
  • New/Existing Channel Optimization
  • Strategy Implementation Analysis
Calculating Strategic Resources

To calculate plans in accordance with short and long term strategies, an inventory of what resources are available, their true availability (current utilization and additional availability), including timelines, approved budgets and further funding for market/technology shift responsiveness are needed.

Communicating the “Buy In”

As strategy is a collective effort, the communication and “buy in” from the all participating parties within the organization and any of its partners, such as vendors, investors, and the like is critical to its success. This starts with the manner in which it is communicated, the value benefits identified as well as the honest potential pain points.

Market Potential Analysis

A Market Potential Analysis (MPA) is conducted to ascertain the viability of and requirements for entering; a specific individual market (e.g. vertical, local geography, etc.) or group set of markets (e.g. horizontal, regional or greater geography, etc.). The level of research may vary depending on the; intended market/s, product/service “offering”, market/s sales delivery (i.e. distribution model vs. direct), and project scope requested.

In general the research includes identifying, presenting and reviewing your offering with key personnel at prospective target clients.

These persons possess the knowledge and authority to determine the offering’s acceptance potential and may reveal which are ‘more’ or ‘less’ desirable, or require modification for consideration. Our independent research extracts direct unbiased and honest feedback without diverting your current focus or diluting your energies and bandwidth.

The MPA discovery process reveals deep insight giving you the information you need to make confident and knowledgeable action plans to successfully penetrate the new market/s.
-Significantly reduce your cost and time spent navigating new market entry blind spots.

-Greatly improve buy-in on future product mix additions (short and long-term). Vastly enhance additional and alternate retailer (and distributor) adoption to fast lane your speed to market and topline growth.

Why Order A MPA:
  • Expedite Market Entry and ROI
  • Reduce Time and Costs of New Market Blind Spots
  • Keep All of Your Resources Focused on Current Targets
  • Identify Account Alliances in Advance of Entry Initiatives
  • Develop Relationship Through Thoughtful Account Collaboration
  • Receive Unbiased, Honest Feedback Directly From Decision Makers
  • Establish Accounts in Brand/Market Lead in Stealth to Competition
  • Be Well Prepared For Market Specific Challenges and Culture Variables
  • Determine Optimal Product Mix For Greatest Adoption Before Entry Investment

Performance Improvement

The most common request is for an Operational Perspective Analysis.

Whether your business is not performing to targeted expectations or is enjoying growth stage success, a fresh outside-in Operational Perspective Analysis will reveal inefficiencies impeding performance and/or losses in areas overshadowed by gains.

Even growth stage success is not immune from losses overshadowed by gains.

We refer to it as “Tunnel Vision” when you and your team does what you do best every day, it becomes challenging to see how micro-shifts over time along with changing how business gets done have increased various issues.

The result is that with this tunnel vision focus on keeping the business moving, the ever increasing issues that impede full potential growth – become virtually invisible internally.

Fresh eyes backed by experience reviewing processes, marketing materials, facilities and more both from an outside-in only and internal process and operational review can; clearly identify issues otherwise unseen to the business at work, provide detailed means of improving these to increase performance, effectiveness and efficiency, conduct such important and beneficial work in parallel to your daily business without disruption.

An OPA Report offers custom tailored solutions to streamline processes for optimization, can improve your business’ position with clients, vendors, prospects and even your own employees, and may uncover new opportunities be they internal or external.


Distinct POV discovery will unveil opportunities for implementing qualitative and quantifiable sales growth. 
For example:

What is your competitive value proposition?

How is the sales process flow structured on the inside and all the way through out to market?

What are your KPI and daily reporting methods and how/when are they reviewed?

Have all parties in the flow process from inside out ‘bought in’ to what and how your business sells its offerings?

What are the pain points in the process?

Whether your business sells B2B and/or B2C and whether it is sold via full/part time salaried, commission incentivized or
third party hires and the structure of those programs and hierarchies may be influencing the sales motivations positively or negatively.

All too often a ‘management knows best’ dictating culture creates resentment rather than a supportive and collaborative one. Particularly when the view from the [battle]field is quite different than that of upper management. While it’s never expected that the tail wags the dog, all components must be in harmony to ensure the best hunt.

A full understanding of these and investigation of data supported by personnel interviews and review of sales processes in action further backed by competitive intelligence will determine where the underlying issues are and how best to augment programs or processes to further motivate sales personnel for increased productivity.

From independent businesses with small teams of up to 10 sales and sales support personnel to national sales divisions of
up to 100 or more, our keen understanding of sales structures coupled with expansive experience in sales incentives and
programs across numerous industries collectively offer effective consultative guidance to help maximize performance yield.


The most disrupted and transformed aspect of any business today, apart from the advent of online shopping, is the means in which your offerings and ethos are presented by customers.

From brand perspective assessments, marketing collateral uniformity reviews and marketing strategy development to, content creation, display materials design and innovative digital transformation, the collective and individual elements comprise the strategic presentation of your business’ visible presence and emotional responses that they evoke – and we have the proven experience to guide your marketing vision, intent and execution.

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