Helping Businesses be Better.

Everyone is doing more than ever in this rapidly changing new world. Operations, management, and marketing methods, among others, have had to augment virtually overnight, and the complexity and pace of the revised processes have impeded efficiency, efficacy, and synchronicity while monopolizing everyone’s time, energy and focus.

Such hyper-focus on adapting to the now, further restructured by remote communication challenges and productivity performances, has caused internal strains that are impeding critical business elements ranging from operational fluidity, strategic obscurity, and employee burnout to difficulty in retaining new business, an inability to identify new revenue streams and achieve stated goals, and more.

With an outside-in clarity and perspective, backed by proven successes and the experience necessary we identify key issues and opportunities, and provide deployable holistic solutions to streamline processes, productivity, and performance. This is just some of what we do as part of our stated purpose in helping businesses be better.

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We are a management consulting and sales representation practice that partners with American businesses and global allies, which through a myriad of services – helps businesses be better.

Operating without the band with constraints or thought process tunnel vision that businesses incur, Erlich Enterprises is consistently called upon to provide clarity from the outside-in with solutions that yield bottom-line health and achieve business goals.

Led by its Founder and Managing Director, Gil Erlich, the practice consists of a top-tier network of executives across the expanse of industries and departments, each brought onto projects on an as-needed basis.  The team utilizes proven methodologies and processes, while calling upon its vast experience to achieve successes for organizations in today’s hyper-competitive and connected world regardless of their lifecycle stage.

The firm has aided in the streamlining of operational efficiencies, blueprinted Go-to-Market strategies, executed restructures and new partnerships, increased sales, revenues, and profitability, and/or enhanced industry rankings and capabilities of businesses spanning numerous industries, such as; Technology (S/PaaS, Consumer Electronics, Mixed Reality), Franchising, Education, Mental Health, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Construction (Products-Services), Consumer Products (CPG, Consumables, Durables) and Services (Health, Wellness & Fitness), Biotechnology, and Luxury Goods.

The practice provides an array of consultation and sales representation services as diverse as the global clientele it has served.  Below is a list of our core service offerings. For additional available services provided, please visit our Services page.

Our Core Services


Receive a focused perspective on how to navigate challenges effectively and efficiently to drive greater performance and revenues.


The ‘bottom line’ starts at the top. Top performers rely on the experience and support of advisors, mentors and coaches. Gain the advantage.

Sales Representation

Get the access to desired accounts with 1099 dedicated focus to generate new business in new markets.

Fractional Management

There are typically four Manager types. We offer you a highly capable, effective and affordable alternative.

The Proof is in the results

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