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From the C-suite down through to their teams, today everyone is stretched to their maximum capacity, and working longer hours than ever before running the business. This leaves little bandwidth to provide the much-needed attention to numerous elements of building the business further and developing teams properly.

In many cases, ownership and personnel operate multiple roles – truly limiting excellence of execution across all of them with the business and its employees suffering as a result. This includes promoting team members to perform both in their original capacity and that of the “Manager” for the team, regardless of their management experience.

From managing departments and teams effectively to motivating personnel, mapping out, and reviewing productivity projections to strategic guidance, management is best served by experience and in exclusivity to allow for clear focus without the burden of multiple role execution and oversight. We offer you a highly capable, effective, and affordable option.

Fractional or Outsourced Management is the practice of hiring a professional manager to oversee the operations and personnel of a team, department, division, etc. Like an inside full-time hire, a ‘fractional’ hire executes all aspects of the governance of the department, including interviewing, hiring, managing, coaching, corrective action, weekly planning, as well as implementing best practices, strategy, and beyond or limited – depending on your business needs and wants. 

The unique difference is that the experienced Fractional Sales Manager will provide this service on a periodic basis, which is typically one half to one full day per week. Fractional managers are typically C- and V-Suite veterans with vast real world experience developed through tenure at leading globule Fourtne 1000 organizations and best practices founded at top-tier universities. Depending on scope, need of skillset, and goals, our expansive network of executives across a vast array of industries, we have the resources you need for every business level from the mom and pop business venture and yet-to-be-funded startup to F1000 global corporations.

Let’s review the opportunity together to see if a fractional management, having absolute focus and execution of duties, in a concentrated and repeated basis, where expectations are clearly defined, measurements are reviewed, and guidance and action are set into place consistently, is right for your business.

Businesses owners and their teams are now stretched to their maximum capacities, working longer hours and communicating across multiple platforms at all hours and days of the week. The increasing complexity and pace chokes individual bandwidth, clouds clarity, and leaves businesses to navigate unfamiliar waters.

While massive in size and often scope, lack the nimbleness of smaller more specialized operations.  Cyclical in nature, such companies tend to acquire smaller operations at significant EBIDTA multiples rather than internally incubate and develop as in the long term – it’s simply less costly. But what if this was not the case?  What if in place of golden parachutes at the backend of operation cliffs could instead be calculable with fixed reduced cost charges with the same or greater results?  The executive talent exists and the paradigm shift of how talent operates has made available the opportunity for large corporations the ability to hire executive talent in the greatest ROI manner.

Issues range from communication and governance challenges to employee skill gaps, quality control assurances, and more.  Talent affordability typically improves in parallel with revenues and profits, but to move the needle to be a staple ‘go to’ industry player and maintain growth and the bottom line requires the skill set and playbook of seasoned top tier management.  Does the business have the wherewithal to attract, retain and fully compensate top tier management experience for the long term?  Statistics show that on average it takes three to six months to find and hire executive level talent, and tenure has steadily declined to roughly 18 months.  Expedience and consistency are crucial to success, but is top tier guidance available now for the duration and affordable?

Tend to be owner operated whereby the owners often operate as the ‘department head’ (or multiple departments head) or assign top performers the immense responsibility of acting as coach and player.  Unfortunately, limited management and business experience stresses individual and team performance, limits maximum potential, misses opportunities, and unintentionally results in costly errors.  In short, proven experience is what’s needed, but is it affordable?

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