Smaller businesses

Fractional & Outsourced Management

Tend to be owner operated whereby the owners often operate as the ‘department head’ (or multiple departments head) or assign top performers the immense responsibility of acting as coach and player.  Unfortunately, limited management and business experience stresses individual and team performance, limits maximum potential, misses opportunities, and unintentionally results in costly errors.  In short, proven experience is what’s needed, but is it affordable?

The opportunity cost, that is what is lost by providing alternatives, has universally tended to be far more costly in the end.  From lost business to losing personnel, poor management guidance and strategies can cost a business dearly.  Yet, there now exists an affordable, easily implementable, and highly effective solution.

Fractional Management, also referred to as “Outsourced Management”, is the practice of hiring a highly experienced, professional Manger to oversee the operations of personnel and strategic development for a department. Similar to an inside full time hire, the “Fractional Manager” may execute whatever aspects of governance of a department that business ownership requires, including hiring, managing, coaching, corrective action, planning, best practice implementation, and more.

While high caliber managers with top tier company experience are out of the affordability range for many businesses, and such sought after talent normally invests their career path in the leading business operations, Erlich Enterprises provides a bridge to this expertise via Fractional Management.  Fractional Management offers attainable and affordable access to a vast elite network of proven executive managers in every department, division and segment of business.  And, for virtually every industry.

Simply put, the experienced Fractional Manager provides their service to a business on a predetermined periodic bases.  As opposed to a full time hire that cost businesses salary, benefits, paid leaves, and so forth, Fractional Managers dedicate anywhere from as little as one half to a full business day per week up to a complete project assignment term basis to successfully manage the business.  This shifts an investment from a full hire total compensation package to essentially predetermined billable hours at a fraction of the cost. 

In this manner, typical high investment compensation packages for premium seasoned management are now compartmentalized into customized and very affordable solutions, to give your business the best talent and greatest experience at your command to drive its success and full potential. Depending on the level of talent and term basis selected this could be as little as <10% to approximately 1/3 the expense of a full time top tier level hire.

Businesses set clearly defined expectations of their Fractional Management, ranging from performance objectives and data metrics to term or project basis, and communicate directly.  In turn, these seasoned professionals operate with absolute focus to execute management needs in a concentrated and repeated bases to drive measurable results.  With the world forced to shift to offsite remote operations, the interest and need for Fractional Management has become the new standard rather than the exception for businesses needing access to top talent to help guide their business to optimal success.

Erlich Enterprises provides the access to available premium Fractional Management and search refinement tools to simplify and expedite the introduction of the right talent to you.  

Start by selecting the department/positions for which you want Fractional Management.


  • Chief Accounting Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Culture Officer

  • Chief Diversity Officer

  • Chief Inclusion Officer
  • Chief Sustainability Officer

  • Chief Happiness Officer (yes, it’s a thing)

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Chief Listening Officer

  • Chief Sourcing Officer

  • Chief Talent Officer

  • Chief Investment Officer

  • Chief Learning and Development Officer

  • Chief Brand Officer

  • Chief Content Officer

  • Chief Creative Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Experience Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Chief Web Officer

  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Chief Risk Officer

  • Chief Quality Officer

  • Chief Business Development Officer

  • Chief Sales Officer

  • Executive/Vice President of Sales

  • Executive/Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

  • National Account Manager

  • National Relationship Manager

  • Chief Analytics Officer

  • Chief Data Officer

  • Chief Data Scientist

  • Chief Research Officer

  • Chief Digital Transformation Officer

  • Chief Transformation Officer

  • Chief Visionary Officer

  • Chief Communications Officer

  • Chief Reputation Officer

  • Chief Engineer

  • Business Unit Leader

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Executive Director

  • General Manager

  • Managing Director

  • President

  • Chief Digital Transformation Officer

  • Chief Innovation Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Intellectual Property Counsel

  • Chief Patent Counsel

  • General Counsel

  • Chief Administrative Officer

  • Chief of Manufacturing

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Process Officer

  • Chief Solutions Officer

  • Plant Manager

  • Chief Procurement Officer

  • Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Chief Commercial Officer

  • Chief Growth Officer

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chief Information Security Officer

  • Chief of Security

  • Chief Security Officer

  • Chief Actuary

  • Chief Strategy Officer